Saturday, January 3, 2009


Sometimes we have to give up some things in order to gain other things. In the present, it's kind of hard to sacrifice for the unknown future. We tend to surround ourselves with simple pleasures and to hold on to them. Those pleasures fill up our days and crowd out what we need in order to progress toward a better tomorrow. We wonder where our time has gone, while ignoring how much of it it is that we lost in our trivial pursuits. We look at how bad things are for us and wonder how they came to be. However, when we are honest, we see that all that we have is all that we earn and deserve. Good times become worse without maintenance. Living in the now without any planning leaves us unprepared for the troubles that may, and most certainly will, come. We need to stop floating on the winds of life like powerless autumn leaves. We have much more say in what happens to us than what we allow ourselves to have. Sacrifice is something that we must learn in order to become masters of our own lives and our own fates.

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